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About me

I began my design journey through the studies of Fine art and Graphics and now immersed in UX. Passionate about blending creativity with user-centric design to design meaningful experiences.

GCSE - College

Fine Art

From a young age, my passion for arts and design has been evident. I pursued Fine Art from year 7 through Sixth Form, achieving top grades. Evolving my style, I integrated portraiture with collage, adding personal depth. In year 11, I enhanced my technique by incorporating green screen technology, resulting in memorable paintings.

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Whilst studying fine art at Sixth Form college, I began to experiment with graphic design. I enjoyed learning and experimenting with different software and testing their capabilities. Some of the software that I am confident using are Adobe: After Effects, Photoshop, XD and many more. I enjoy designing with the Adobe software and find that I can become confident with the software quickly. I finished my Sixth form graphics design course with an A.


User Experience

My journey began with a deep-rooted passion for digital art and design, leading me to explore various fields, from fine art to graphic communication. Each step of my education has been a building block, enhancing my skills and broadening my creative perspective. Now, after studying UX in university, I am focusing on creating great user experiences, blending my artistic background with user-centred design principles.

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