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Case Studies

Explore my UX case studies where I tackle design challenges with creativity. From app designs to website optimizations, these case studies offer a glimpse into my journey as a UX student.

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May 2024

Honey Study

With Honey Study users will never miss out on discounts again. Honey hunts down all the deals for users and now students can join the savings party too! Users simply connect their UNiDays and Student Beans accounts, and start shopping!

May 2024

St John the Baptist

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An interactive virtual tour to allow users to explore the St John the Baptist Cathedral and its fantastic rooftop views. Lets users explore and learn at their own pace.

SKY (1).png

March 2024

Sky Vision

Sky Vision is designed to help users see what they can’t. Everyday tasks that seem simple at first are sometimes the pain points the visually impaired deal with daily.

January 2024


An immersive LEGO Star Wars microsite, showcasing 3D integration within Webflow. Experimenting with scroll animations for a unique user experience.

virgin wines porty.png

May 2023

Virgin Wines

First time working with a real-world, respected brand and in collaboration with other like-minded students. The goals: reduce drop off rates, modernise the design and convert the users.

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