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February 2023

Caturra Joy

Designing for the web. Caturra Joy is a Coffee delivery service. Caturra is a type of Portuguese coffee bean which translates to small. If I had to describe what a coffee is, it would be the small joy in the day. 


Competitor research and user interviews

Initial Research

Coffee is different for everyone, type, size, milk, sugars, the different combinations are endless and Caturra Joy makes it easy for all customers to use. Users want their specific coffee and don't want it to be a hard process. I kept finding myself trying to redesign the wheel and experience but as Jakob's Law states, it needs to be recognisable so customers aren't lost in the process.
User testing highlighted problems with buttons which were interrupting the journey. I had to limit the use of different buttons which resulted in 2 clearly different buttons which concluded in a smoother flow

Design for the Web - Tests.jpg
Design for the Web - Competitors.jpg

Final outcomes

This was my first project on the course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Researching was interesting seeing the common themes in competitors but the production side was more engaging. Adobe XD was difficult at the start but I found myself becoming familiar with the tools at hand quickly. I'm happy with the outcome of this project.


This is a short walkthrough of how the website looks and how the ordering process works.

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