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January 2024


Whilst completing my dissertation, we were tasked with experimenting with new techniques to tell a story in a unique way. I chose to explore the history behind the iconic collaboration.


User tests and influences


I delved into exploring the Star Wars LEGO collaboration to not only tell the history behind it but to experiment with the interesting and exciting visuals. Inspired by Bruno Simons' innovative approach, particularly in three.js, I aimed to create an engaging user experience. Throughout the making of this microsite, I was constantly carrying out user tests to discover any potential faults to act upon.

image 28.png

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BA3A - Frame 3.jpg

Final Outcomes

The final outcomes consisted of a website that had 3 separate interactive levels that told different aspects of the iconic collaboration in unique ways, from controlling Yoda to flying the Star Destroyer. 

I'm happy with the outcomes of this microsite. I experimented with scroll triggered animations and 3D game control integration from Spline into Webflow that all worked together to tell the story.

Try it yourself!

This is a scene that lets you explore the iconic Luke Skywalker mini figures throughout time in the Star Destroyer.

Left click to start, W-A-S-D to move, UP & DOWN arrows to ascend and descend.


This is a walkthrough of the whole experience. The designs were created in Spline and exported, edited in Webflow.

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