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March 2024

AI Visual Helper

Sky Vision is designed to help users see what they can’t. Everyday tasks that seem simple at first are sometimes the pain points the visually impaired deal with daily. Axel restores independence.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 135947.png

Primary research


2.2 billion individuals worldwide face daily hurdles due to visual impairment. My visit to Vision Norfolk, a local charity, brought these challenges to the forefront. Conversations with members and staff revealed the struggle of carrying out everyday tasks at home and the reliance on existing assistive technologies. Through primary research, I could design a smart home innovation that provide assistance to visually impaired individuals.

BA3B SKY - Discussions.jpg

These are images of some of the assistive devices that the Charity presented to me. One that stood out to me was the scannable pen (second image). Users point it at anything, bus timetables, menus, newspapers and it reads out the contents within seconds, a very hand piece of technology. However, this device is very expensive and not every can have access to it.

BA3B SKY - Existing tech.jpg

Final Outcomes

Axel, the AI-powered glasses, is designed to see the world through your eyes,  linking with Sky Protect, these glasses not only assist in locating items and controlling the home but also provide real-time alerts about your smart home using the existing Protect products.


Receive notifications all whilst being able to control everything on the go, hands free. With this innovative technology, Sky is not just enhancing accessibility, Sky is providing peace of mind and empowering independence like never before. 

Promotion Video

To promote the Sky Vision, I created an advert for it using After Effects. Through researching how Sky currently advertise their products, I tried to make it feel as authentic as possible.

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