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February 2023


Switch is an app that allows users to discover statistics around the products they like and the brands that supply them whilst giving them the ability to compare statistics around the sustainability and durability.

Switch 2.png

Competitor research and user interviews

Initial Research

Research and user interviews reveal shopper awareness of planned obsolescence and brands that engage in it, but lack of awareness regarding alternatives. Users are increasingly conscious of companies' climate impacts and may switch preferences accordingly, yet struggle to access relevant information or lack the time. Developing a mobile app provided valuable insight into addressing this issue. Regular user testing proved instrumental in identifying early problems.

Design For Good 1 - User interviews.jpg
Design For Good 1 - Which_ .jpg

Final Outcomes

Switch is an app that prevents the customers from buying products that will effect the climate due to durability or other reasons and instead prompt a more sustainable solution. 

This project was great and becoming used to Figma was essential for future briefs. Not only that, software such as After effects for the advertisement is such a powerful tool and to develop my skills with it was great.

Promotion Video

To promote the use of the Switch app, I created an advert for it using After Effects. This was my first attempt using the software.

Switch Walkthrough Mobile

Try the prototype yourself!

Go full screen to better interact with it!

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