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Virgin Wines

May 2023

My first collaboration project redesigning a voucher redemption flow for Virgin Wines to increase customer conversion rates.

virgin wines porty.png

Competitor research and user interviews

Initial Research

In the research phase we began looking at what makes a successful subscription service and what USPs were more appealing then others. We were comparing other services to identify which unique selling points Virgin Wines had that could be used that other brands didn't offer.

Competitor Research
Card Sorts

Final outcomes

After 7 weeks of working in our first collaborative project we had a reached an outcome we were all agreed on and proud of. We had taken a 6 step process down to 4 to minimise the drop off rates as best we could. We looked to enhance and reposition some of the USPs that users found more appealing to help ease them along the journey. My personal experience was great with this project, working as a group and with a real world client and respected brand was a great learning 

Virgin Wines Walkthrough Desktop

Try the prototype yourself!

Go full screen to better interact with it!

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